About Bruna & Her Trajetory

I am Bruna Rocha, born and raised in Sao Paulo in Brazil; I’m the youngest of three daughters.

When I was only 21 years old, I left Brazil to live my dream life! My dream life is to travel the world, meet people, learn about new cultures, experiment with and test new ways of living.

Being an artist by the soul, I found that my passion was in performing, entertain people, bring them happiness and joy! Becoming a successful artist brought me to another side that I also love, which is entrepreneurship, which was my way to consolidate my life at a young age, and allowed me to focus on doing what I’m doing now: Helping People to discover and better themselves!

How did I arrived here?

Years of pain, toxic abusive relationships with past boyfriends, husband, family and work environment put me in a dangerous path, of self-destruction.

With a lifestyle, showered by alcohol, multiple sexual partners, anger, depression, and loneliness, that wasn’t no longer serving me, and I had many chances to change it, whenever life threw me an obstacle, that damaging lifestyle would become more extensive, and the obstacle harder to overcome,bringing a period of revenge against everyone and anyone.

After constant physical abuse from the man, that sweared to love me, I found myself thirsty for a change and found a new way of living that has changed my been since then, for the best.

Yoga has been part of my life for over 7 years, and my practice has helped me to grow stronger, more flexible, and fearless, both on and off the mat. Yoga and meditation inspire me to live each moment more mindfully.

I completed my 200-hour Vinyasa flow and Ashtanga training with Bend it Like Buddha, and continued my studies as Holistic EFT Practitioner, Holistic Coach, Healer, and as an Ho’oponopono Practitioner.

I will forever be a student of these practices and I am deeply grateful for the loving wisdom my teachers have shared with me.

How may I serve you?

  • Weekly Ashtanga & Vinyasa Classes – with creative sequences with fun, playfulness spirit and a dose of personal experiences, to help you deepen your practice, and assist you in the process of gain Body Positivity Image Goals, Prevent or better certain types of mobility issues, find Inner Peace, Confidence, find the balance with your entire being in connection with Universe, and more. (Check more of the Yoga Practice benefits in here)
  • Intimacy Coaching – through Holistic practices, I assist you in healing and finding the real issues behind: Toxic Relationships behaviors and sequels; Shyness; Fear of Intimacy; Dryness; Sexual Dysfunctions; Sexual, Physical or Mental Traumas; Disrupted Relationships; Trust Issues; Marital Infidelity and more.(Read more here)

My goal is to help others thrive in life by nurturing body, mind, and soul through  yoga and other practices, bringing you to a place where you can be honest and Sincere with yourself, writing your own “ happy end”!


”Step off the mat refreshed, stronger, happier, healed, and balanced on your efforts!”

Please do get in touch if you have any questions or want to say hi, Here.


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