Somehow, we all have times where we feel that we are missing out. Unable to do what we want, be with those that we love? Or do silly things that we often do without thinking much about it?
Adding to it a whole new extreme, the fear of getting sick, spread the Coronavirus or being thrown in jail to remove the mask for longer than 5 seconds.
I always struggled with the idea of being at home for more than two months, I have never done it. Even when I was living with my parents, we will always travel, visit some parks, and do outdoor activities, and as I grew, I would work the whole day, including the weekend, and study during the night.
For the first time in 18 years as a worker, I spend so much time at home.
I have moments of pure joy and laughter, but at some point, it also gets tiring, and the sadness, the boredom hits me so hard that it is affecting me physically. Since the beginning of the lockdown, I have been facing daily continuously pains all over my body.
I manage to create so much content on my favorite subjects during these days, learn a new skill, “meet new people.”
And as I am rebranding myself, my websites, business models, and how I Present myself. I figured out that all this is connected to something I studied back in my college days.
It is the Chaos theory. Yep!

What hack am I talking about this time?

We all heard about Chaos or used this word often to describe some unwanted, frustrating circumstances in our lives.
As a teen, I do say that I “loved to create chaos” as a joke; I did not change much. I love to tell the truth, especially if I see that it will create an awkward feeling in the crowd.
Chaos is one of my favorite subjects ever, so I decided to write a booklet on the subject, whatever you do want to call it. To share my thoughts on it and how I deal with it positively, since there are things we can not avoid, instead we can accept, embrace it, and move forward.
It is not something we want, but Chaos is kind of essential in our lives that it has a whole specialized study
about it, which is called Chaos Theory.
In my booklet, we will see a bit more about the Theory and the holistic health ways to deal with it.

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