Energetic Vampires and their spiritual Traps

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The times that we are living, it’s an incredible opportunity to learn about ourselves, about humanity, a huge chance to observe the human interaction with adversity, and how we are more and more resilient and adaptable.

These past two years have been a challenge for everyone, disregarding financial status, educational level, and race. The Covid-19 pandemic has put things in perspective.

We became aware of what we all really need: mental support, love, kindness, and spiritual guidance.

Of course, some see it as an opportunity to spread hate, rage, and separation; but those are irrelevant since they are a minority and not so impactful as the media makes it look.

My Journey

Right before the pandemic began, I was in a relationship with the person that I believe that I loved the most in my whole 33 years of life. I had a more or less stable career, making good money and having fun.

When the pandemic began, and with all the restrictions, my lifestyle was highly affected.

Because even though I have been living in Hungary for so few years, I never spent too much time here. I was always on “the road.”

Traveling was my main hobby until today, even though I managed to get more costumed to sit down and stay at home.

My relationship, which was already not so ok due to multiple external factors, ended.

Besides being in a country where I did not have a support system, I thought it was all for me without the man. I was going through a career transition. It was like everything was crumbling around me.

My healthy declined severally, not because of Covid, but due to chronic stress. Yes, chronic is a thing, and it can be hazardous.

All the fear of being trapped and having financial issues because of my changes made my immune system start to act up, and multiple types of diseases showed up.

I felt so lost and afraid as never before.

Not all was lost!

When I lost part of my mobility capacity, without anyone to help me, I saw that I had to go back to the essentials and use this opportunity to learn about myself even more and heal without the nonsense treatments that the physicians suggested.

Like many of my fellow humans, I dove into a journey of healing and growth.

Was a blast, a loss of tears, nightmares, mind-blowing mental and spiritual experiences that, at first, I had no one to share with.

But the divine had a different plan for me. The divine wanted me to share all of myself, not for the fame and glory, as it used to be when I worked as a performer, but for empowerment, motivating others to seek help, and showing everyone that not all is lost in life.

I was reminded of my communication skills, teaching, and how they could help transform not only myself but hundreds of others.

Here is the catch 😉

It sounded like all was alright, right? Well, kind of.

Yes, I managed to heal myself and regain my mobility. I have never been this connection with myself, with humanity and the divine.

Things were challenging, but I found the strength to continue and eventually transform a few lives directly and indirectly.

However, I had a weak link: my loneliness.

The need and desire to have close friends, a healthy relationship, and eventually a beautiful family have attracted many energy vampires into my life.



Have you ever heard of vampires? I am sure you did.

In most movies, they are always this charming, mysterious, seductive figure that meticulously chooses their victims. 

Turning their victims into platonic lovers and then sucking the life (blood) by making an incision in their neck or wrist, they either keep their victims as half-dead enslaved people or kill them.

Well, the energy vampires are not significantly different. The difference is that instead of blood, they suck all of our energy.

How do they do that?

They might bring negative information, feelings, and behavior to you; they often criticize you, as nothing you do is good enough to their standards. They often complain and judge others.

By the time I managed to heal my inner child, besides my typical vampires – my family, I had invited a dangerous one too close to my heart; the one I called  the “love of my life ” previously.


Isn’t it so annoying when the person that means the most to us is the one who is stopping us from living up to our full potential?

That was the feeling I had because, as I said, at the beginning of the pandemic, we went apart, but then he came back, I took him back, and now in 2022, he is trying to get back into my life.

But this time, he is not alone because I have found someone else that turned out to be an energetic vampire.

Oh, you must be saying, “come on, Bruna! Everyone is an energetic vampire?”You are paranoid.

Well, maybe I am. But I sincerely believe that I am not at these cases because I give everyone around me the opportunity to show me their beauty and ugly side without expectations or judgment.

Unfortunately, in these cases, it turned out that they do want my beauty, my positivity, and my light, but their own issues and traumas stop them from benefiting from it and growing themselves as well.

Instead, they try to diminish my light by constantly talking down to me, disrespecting me, and trying to control me.

My purpose is not to criticize these gents but to point out how even the people we love and love us back can be a trap to our spiritual growth.

Why are they spiritual traps?

I consider the energetic vampires and some external circumstances to be a trap, not because they are overall bad, but because they might slow or stop our growth.

That is because we, as humans, struggle to make specific changes in our lives, and it is ok.

Therefore, even if we recognize that some habit, situation, or person is not serving us, to reach our more significant purpose in life, we might keep things as they are or try to make them work because our need for comfort remains the same.

We often believe that we can have it all, and sometimes this is true; sometimes it is not.

In my experience, I noticed that regardless of the pain, I had to let go not only of these gentlemen – they still have my love and support, from a distance, but from some family members, jobs, and even locations that I use to go frequently.

All for the sake of my mental health and spiritual growth.

The way to avoid these spiritual traps is by first acknowledging and becoming aware of your priority, then slowly eliminating what does not serve you.

Forgive yourself, forgive others because they are also on their own journey into discovering themselves and healing, love unconditionally, and always act from your heart to live up to your divine call.

Remember that even the active dispersers are here to teach us and help us to grow, be mindful of it.




Have you ever heard of energy vampires? Let me know by comment below 👇

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