Healing the Relationship Within – Masterclass

Yesterday, was an amazing day!

I hosted my first live class on Facebook, and the most important with the support of the Women Helping Women Stand Out Online Membership Program.

My lesson, today is to get of our comfort zone, and to ask for help, and support not just when things are really bad, but just ask for it when we don’t know or aren’t sure of things.

I will leave the link here, and you can watch this Masterclass, as much times you need!


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Namaste πŸ™πŸΎ

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  1. Tom Bradley

    Coach Bruna has studied hard & practices herbteaching daily . She has vast knowledge and truly cares for others wellbeing . Learn from someone who has life experience. Bruna has a passion to teach , coach & share . You will be treated with respect & coached as in individual . She has inspired me to be a better me while forgiving myself & learning to love myself again

    1. Bruna

      Tom, I am so blessed to be part of this deep healing journey you are going through. And thanks for the “sales pitch”, you are lovely!

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