Is it only for ladies? Yoga

For years most people who practice yoga are perceived to be women of a certain age, mothers, housewives trying to live up their “boring” lives.

Gladly we can say that this distorted pre-concept created by society has vanished. We can see many men freely visiting yoga studios, caring for their mats to the park, and practicing their sun salutation proudly.

There are endless benefits to practicing yoga regularly. Besides, be part of this cool tribe, make friends, get to wear some of our beautiful quick-dry clothes collections, men can find in yoga some extra benefits.

It will make our male readers glad, and our ladies want to get an extra mat to their boo.

Check below the incredible number of benefits that yoga can bring to your life:

  • It will make you stronger

Yes, it is not as lifting weights, but yoga will improve your overall strength and flexibility. So do not worry about not be there yet. With practice, we all transform our muscles.

  •      You will become smarter

We are not talking about increasing your IQ or showing off intelligence. But because of yoga’s nature, your body will get the necessary mental exercises, which will bring you to an overall better lifestyle—increasing your concentration and information retention levels.

  •      Weight loss

Yoga is a mindful practice and combining specific movements with the breath, bringing awareness to what we consume in all aspects of our lives, and how we do things in a certain way. And eating is an essential part of this new awareness.

Besides, it is much more fun and more comfortable than start a crazy diet or run for hours on the treadmill to discover that you gained weight.

  •   Bye bye pain and aches

Who never had back pain? I am glad if you said no, but for the most of us out there that had it at some point in our lives, we know how it sucks.

To end it, and other types of aches just as menstrual cramps, headaches, joint and more; yoga got you covered.

First, because it stretches your whole body in a slow range of motions, decreasing and alleviating the pains.

Second, some of the asanas are so incredible that they massage some of our internal organs.

Amazing right?!

  •    Reduces Stress Levels

Yoga is one of the best ways to reduce the cortisol levels in your body, taking you away from that fight or flight mindset to more dancing in the rain within a few minutes of exercise.

  •    Youth fountain

Will you see how you start to feel more energetic, committed to always be in a positive state of mind and body.

And if you join a class, the chances you will surround yourself with others’ enthusiastic about living an incredible life as you are much higher.

And studies, plus some Instagram gurus always say that we are the average of your five friends, so take a look at your peers, and let’s change it now!

  •    Better in bed

Exercises combined with a routine of breathing exercises, the normal thing to happen is to dilate your veins and arteries, which facilitates the blood flow, resulting in a prolonged-lasting erection for the gentlemen in here.

Of course, you are increasing almost automatically your self-confidence, desire, body awareness, connection with your partner, and for last real pleasurable mental and body orgasms.

I am sure that if we have not convinced you to do yoga, now you are sold!

  •   Thug Bones

Last but not the least important, yoga helps keep your mobility even as you grow older, lowing your chances of having osteoporosis, which is also not a woman exclusivity.

If you already have some bone issues, remember to warn your teacher, so he or she can select the best practice for you to avoid injuries.

Remember that you can start yoga at any age. And there is no need to be an acrobat, hyper-flexible, capable of stay on the same asana (position) for a long time, neither reach nirvana on the first five minutes of your meditation.

Just allow yourself to enjoy these benefits, and change your life for the better.

Because every day is a chance to become a better person, start it now!

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