Nude Yoga Do or Don’t do that is the question

A quick introduction

Nude Yoga may sound vulgar, offensive, strange, and maybe even impossible, but it exists. Many people may not practice this yet, but some would prefer doing nude Yoga instead.

Called and “Nude Aerobics Yoga,” this modality may connote something not applicable to some culture and society. Some places might not respect and accept that kind of practice.

If you are here, you probably agree with us from Fit Vybes (follow us on Instagram)that nudity is a healthy natural practice. 

For some people, wearing clothes while exercising, besides preventing the natural airflow out of the body, can distract and even cause injuries. It is a burden.

Following trying nude Yoga, most people cannot perform as before wearing their usual clothes anymore. 

It has two ways: it can be intimidating for new students or perhaps be interested and bring some curious people to the practice.

Be aware of your reasons.

Somehow, this kind of practice might negatively affect the people or group because some people might think that they will take nude Yoga for fun and for some other reasons that go beyond imagination.

What if before you even start this practice, maybe you should analyze your motivations to try it.

Ask yourself:

  1. Am I comfortable being naked, even by myself?
  2. How do I feel when I see somebody else naked?
  3. What will be the benefits for me?
  4. Should I do nude Yoga with a group or private?
  5. Do I have enough self-control and maturity to practice nude Yoga?

A clean type of Yoga

Clothes are considered a type of art, even in yoga exercises. Without clothes, where would art take place? Did they say that the body is viewed as art?

Because it prevents the proliferation of fungi and bacterias usually acquired in warm and humid conditions, it is considered a clean type of Yoga.

When the temperature is warm, and we wear clothes on top of it, some parts of our bodies can get hotter than others.

While wearing clothes during the exercise practice, especially if you keep them for a while after finishing, it can be harmful.

First, because you do not sweat freely, having all your sweat absorbed by your outfit, creating a foul smell, and second, it might raise the temperature in places where it is supposed to be maintained cooled and fresh: vagina and testicles.

You are creating the opportunity to lower your sperm count and the production of male hormones, reducing fertility. And possible sexual dysfunctions on both genders.


1- Creates Body Positivity 

With Naked Yoga, you learn to look at your body and other people as well in a different way. In a more appreciative, respectful, and divine path.

Making you embrace your limitations, your scars, imperfections, and build self-compassion, love, and confidence. 

It can free you from the blames and shaming that society makes us believe is true, opening the mind to a higher state of positivity and acceptance.

2- Mind and Body Connection

When we are free from clothes, social shaming, and judgment, we can move, act, and think freely. 

From asana to asana, when naked, we can pay more attention to each move, to our breath in sync, creating a more mindful space.

We become more connected to ourselves, increasing our self-awareness, moving beyond the earthly BS.

Clothes in modern society are like a dog collar that shows how much our family and we are worth in a materialist realm, going against the beliefs and practices of Yoga.

3. Is all about your health

Practicing Yoga alone can benefit our health, such as stress reduction, increased energy, enhanced overall strength, flexibility, and brain function. 

Now, because Naked Yoga improves our confidence and self-worth, it directly impacts our immune system.

That is because when we learn how to love, respect, and accept ourselves, negative thoughts and believes are washed away. Resulting in a calm mind with balanced levels of hormones and more energized, more robust, and healthier physical and subtle bodies. 

4. Better Sex Life

By making it space for the blood flow, you will be kicking away sexual issues, such as erection dysfunction.

Imagine you with a super confident mindset, body-positive your sex life will change for the best.

When practicing nude Yoga itself, you are having sex with yourself in a more profound sense—allowing you to when with someone to have better experiences by knowing your body, accepting yourself and others. 

Turning you into a free, more sensual, confident, more complete, and fulfilled being is a total turning-on for anyone. 

5. Peace of mind

When people are capable of embracing who they are, as they are, life becomes more manageable.

Everything flows fluidly. It is not that you won’t face any difficulties or challenges. Still, you will be able to navigate and overcome those circumstances better.

By living your life as your true self and transform yourself, the things and people around you will also change.

New times

Our ancestor’s nudity was our natural condition, and that nudity adds to our physical and emotional health. So what happened?

With time our society grew more controlling, ashamed of our true nature because of the lack of education and understanding of the human body. We created an ambiance of shame, embarrassment, full of judgment and moralism. We forget that the most important thing is our health, including our natural aspects and ways of living.

We industrialized all of our systems, from the food we eat to the way we behave.

It is not natural at all, and if you try to do so, you are daring a system where it is not ok to live according to your needs and desires. 


By learning how to be comfortable in our skin, we take back the control of our lives, our destinies.

It is excellent to practice nude yoga, and for those who tried to love it, it’s no doubt. After all, it’s nice to feel the natural air slapping on your skin and feeling the sweat roughly come out of the inside, allowing you to express your genuine raw emotions.

At first, it may be awkward to practice nude aerobics yoga. However, after doing it, you will feel nourished and renewed; and the opposing ideas you have or had about it will be left aside for sure. And you will be able to enjoy the effects it has on your body, mind, and soul.

Afterward, you can always try nude aerobics yoga and have that friendly feel of how you see and treat yourself on a different level.


Note: Please always seek a serious, safe, and respectful environment to practice nude Yoga. 


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