Monthly Nude Yoga Subscription


This is a customized private class, where we combine Ashtanga & Vinyasa & Yoga Nidra and other holistic techniques, according to the student needs.

4 classes a month, once a week, with a 1-hour length each, to make sure that you have your dose of yoga to live a better life.

Please take advantage of this huge discount, and join me!

Beginners and Advanced students are welcomed!

It is a nude class, so you are required not to wear clothes all the time. Practice your preference for a quiet and clean open space.


*No disrespect or sexual connotations are to be used during the practice. Otherwise, it will immediately be interrupted without a refund. This is not a recurring payment; your month starts on the day of this order is completed and ends after a 30 days period, where you will be reminded of it and can choose to continue or not the monthly classes.

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