Self Care is a Bless

We all do like it when someone comes close to us looking beautiful, clean, and at a high energy level. That is the type of person we want close to us. But are you delivering the same to others?
I am not telling you that you have to take care of yourself, to please others, but to so you can feel happier, grateful, younger, and of course, more attractive.
The cultural space that we live in tells us that look good and feel healthy is something for the youngest. However, if we are alive, why not live the best way we can?
Why should I surrender to a life where I need to live less happy, sexier, or be less fuckable, just because I have to make space for someone else to feel better about themselves.
After a certain age, we got more confidence and experience, which makes us more attractive, wiser, and I can say sexier. Maybe to the previous generations is ok, to not be so self-aware of how they look or feel inside out, but self-love is very particular, and each individual should decide how to practice it.
If you feel like a metrosexual is something too extreme, you might want to go easy and start with the basics.

Self Care does not have to look like this
Getting yourself cleaner, fixing your nails and teeth can not just get you laid more often but also help you improve your confidence. When you set the foundations, other areas of your life will improve as well. People like those who take care of themselves are transmitted to the way they work, how they behave to others, and how they can or can not be trusted.
But this is not a post only about men, and it goes for the ladies as well!
Do not get all bitch and demand. When you think that just because it is a lockdown, and do not feel like you have to bath daily.

As I said at the start of this post, we all like to have someone that we enjoy in each aspect, so do not take others for granted by not giving them someone pleasurable to be around.
Take care of ourselves is the central act when showing that we appreciate the body we got in this life, gratitude to our protective brain, and appreciation for our spirit.
Take care of ourselves is an act of respect, taking extreme care of each inch of our beings.
Take care of ourselves is an act of compassion towards others simply because we want to give our best in everything we do, all the time.
Take care of ourselves is not selfish, but an act of altruism shows that you care about the people around you, as well.
So go for it! And enjoy living yourself a bit more by taking care of your mind, body, and soul.


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