Sex with a Stranger Yes or No?

Live and Let it Die

The 21st century is when every little thing that happens is a mega event that will be spoken about fiercely for a few days and die off, without questions, just a glance in people’s memories.

As described above, human relations followed the same behavior: out of the blue, loud, and even louder when it ends.

And then a new relationship, beginning even faster than the last one!

Then in a blink of an eye, a new romance starts.

It is like we all took the “Live and let it die” from Sir Paul MacCartney to the core, taking the Buddha’s teachings about being present to a whole distorted level.

My motto is to live life without regrets, love as much as I can, experience life in all aspects.

I do not believe that we are here only to suffer, judged by a superior being or another ordinary human like myself.

Regardless of my lifestyle, when I observe some people saying that we live only once, so we must do what we have to do to enjoy it, I step on the break.

You can, but I don’t?

As I said previously, I like to enjoy life and have sex with someone I desire and desire, it is part of the enjoy life today, not tomorrow.

I say I step on the break sometimes because some people showed me that non-committed sex is more important than connecting with another human on different levels.

Sex is great. We all know that. But as with everything in my life, I like to do it for myself, not to please someone or show off that I can or can not have whoever I want.

Typically, I refrain from sex with strangers, I like to know people first to feel safe and free with my partner, and I suggest the same to my clients since they are working to heal and find their true self, enjoy their sexuality, and eventually find real love.

Random sex can hurt people’s confidence, self-worth, and more – I won’t get about the danger of sexually transmitted diseases.

The Pros and Cons

Everything in life has the good, and the bad, and sex is no different. We are all adults in here, and if you are not, GET OUT OF THIS WEBSITE!

Jokes aside. 😀

We all need physical connection, just because we are social beings.

It does not matter how much I say, for example, that I like to live by myself, have my independence and freedom, and still long for human touch.

It can be a chat face to face, a hug, a kiss, and of course, intimacy.

If, for example, you are not looking for a committed relationship and want to have someone to touch you, please you, and please them back, this is when random sex comes in.

You can get to meet somebody in a bar, or at a restaurant, or even not leave your house and seek someone to have fun online and meet up with the precise knowledge of what that meeting means to you and them, without surprises.

Go get off, release yourself, have some fun and move on with your life without having to be too lovely afterward (that is how it goes typically).

You got it, be happy!

But then what happens typically? It might not work if you are someone more emotional, more romantic, who wants to cuddle and keep in touch after. And that is not because you need, but because the person you had your fun with, might be the same, but because of our culture and fast lifestyle, they act cold, fearing that you will cool them off, or worse – say I love you on the third date.

There are no Rules

Look, there might be people having random sex, hoping to find the love of their life, or fill the void, either are not very healthy, because it can create more pain and doubt than solve the root problem.

You might be that person, or you might find someone like that.

On the other hand, some people know how to enjoy random sex because they like to give pleasure to others, which is how they get off.

I was one of those, and I can say that regardless of how I met my partner, I would make sure that was fun, great, and respectful for both.

There are no rules.

The only secret to having random sex is knowing yourself, what you want, who you are, and if you have any expectations from the other person, you are not yet qualified to have random sex.

That is because, if you have any expectation, you are bound to fail and “be disappointed, “and the way of enjoying our sexuality is by not taking it as a performance or a football match where the players train and are supposed to play in a certain way.

To reach true intimacy – even with a stranger, finding find on each other the freedom do it, without judgment or obligation. Just let the body talk and soul merge.

Just let the body talk and soul merge.

What to do then?

Let’s see first too situations when people seek random sex with strangers:

1- Frustrated and unhappy in a Relationship

Well, here, in my opinion, you aren’t supposed to be looking for random sex out of your relationship, especially without clarifying with your partner.

But it is your decision, and I am aware that this often happens so that I will talk to you too, even though I’m afraid I have to disagree. 🤗

Here, you might think that is just a quick or one-time thing, but consider your current partner, children, and all the ones involved.

It is better to bring the issue to your partner first, explain where you are, and what you would like for you two to be and do in your sexual lives.

Because the pain you might cause to others is never worth few minutes of pleasure, and remember, the real reasons why you were in this relationship in the first place, and why you do not want to leave?

Your happiness is a priority, but try not to be selfish!

2- Single

In this situation, you can be the too-busy person to a relationship, or the I am tired of trying, I am not lucky or is too much work and whatever millions other reason you have to be single.

All you are looking for is some friend with benefits to have some good time with, but without committing.

What about before you dive into it, you get to know yourself better? Be clear with what you want, and try to think ahead.

What will you do in case you get hurt, or your feelings or the other person’s feelings change?

Once you have this part evident, you will be able to communicate your needs, feelings better, recover fast and assist the other person in case of mixed emotions.

Wanna know more about random sex? Check my ebook with some of my worldwide sex with strangers experiences!👇

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