The only WAY is to Forgive

We ask how to get things done, how to fill that hole inside of us, or let go of something that over and over brings pain, and suffering. Some will tell you to Move on, others to get revenge, or in certain circumstances, you will keep it to remind yourself of all the damage someone or something else has caused you.

And it is a straightforward answer to this question: FORGIVE!

Oh yeah, one of the most challenging things we can do in life is to forgive something that happened to us or something that someone has done to us.

Simply, because we are not taught how to forgive properly, or at all.

As a child, they say sorry and accept our friend’s apologies, and we kind can do it because children, we are so innocent and pure, to the point that we are almost naive from other people’s point of view.

However, as we grow up, we start to become tired and wear off our capacity of listening to people’s apologies, believing that they are sincerely sorry, and will change. And it happens to everyone, is nothing wrong with that.

Unfortunately, this starts to accumulate more and more negativity, sadness, resentment, and suffering for the person that does not release the other.


The desire to make someone pay for their mistakes, and flaws, is a dangerous trap to the ones that are “punishing” their “aggressors.”  Because we get stuck, reliving that moment of pain, of hurt over and over again, recreating it in our mind, also liberate the same hormones, physical and emotional distress, just as we were at that exact moment too.

If you are a person on the path of self-growth to become a better human for your own sake, you must practice the art of liberating forgiveness, over and over again, as much it is necessary.

“Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? As many as seven times?” Jesus said to him, “I do not say to you seven times, but seventy times seven.” Mathew 18:22 Bible 

And we must do it, as much time is necessary, not because we are idiots, or weak, but for being people of light, of peace, and kindness, and we must act to people as we want others to treat us, and how we want the divine to also forgive us for our human flaws.

Forgive, and forget.

Forget, because as said previously, relive the episodes od pain, is more damaging to us than to anyone else. That is why, is essential, to when we liberate forgive, we must also forget whatever was that, that caused us the pain.

We can use those circunstances, and situations to motivate ourselves to move foward, to empower and motivate others, isntead of victimaze ourselves, and chase peoples pitty.

Victimaze yourself, is not the answer neither, but simply Let it Go! Completely.

How can you practice Forgiveness?

  • Pick a person or situation, that caused you pain and suffering, visualize it;
  • See a bright beautiful light, iluminating that person or situation;
  • Say outloud or see yourself, sending love, light to that person/situation;
  • Say outloud or in your mind, ” I forgive you”;
  • Then as last, imagine that person or situation vanishing away.

Do it how many times you need it, start small, until you feel comfortable enough to forgive and let it go from bigger circumstances.

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