Why do we always Judge each other?

This article’s title has nothing to do with what I want to say, or maybe it does.

My thoughts on Passing Judgment

Honestly, I think we all know why we do judge each other. 

Either for envy, jealousy, lack of knowledge and self-control, or because we have nothing better to talk about. To avoid talking about ourselves and our issues, we put our reflections and frustrations on others.

The thing is, we are often judging and talking about things that we do not understand about, or know enough to understand the full context. And end up creating our version of somebody’s else truth.

I am writing this post after being judged and offended by a post on my Instagram Reels.

         The post:

My Truth and Beliefs

I practice walking the best as I can the path of a person that always looks for the best in every circumstance. I am a resilience monster!

Since I found out about Hinduism, back on my father’s bookshelf, when I was only eight years old, I was singing the mantras and enjoying the effects that it has on me. When I moved to Shanghai in my early 20’s, I took this spiritual knowledge that I have buried under so many falses lessons given by falses prophets. 

It was a transcending moment of my life. I discovered that I had specific abilities and capacities that, for once, I have forgotten.

My idea of happiness was always about being in an environment that supports me for whom I am, and when I do find it, I quickly walk away. 

Be who I am, includes my good and bad habits, my truth, my story, and experiences, and so I try to pass to each person that comes on my way. 

Not because I am an anarchist, selfish (sometimes), or narcissistic. But because I believe that our lives are unique and as a fantastic opportunity, we must do the best we can to be always happy about where we are, who we are, and what we have.

And yes! It will include a glass of wine or a whole bottle of champagne now and then, as I please. 

Let’s clarify a thing, sometimes drink, in what I believe to be a favorable, happy situation, it is fun. I do not condemn, but neither approves the excessive use of any substance that will mask your real emotions and numb your senses.

Some people will need medical, mental help to uncover the why’s of their alcohol abuse. But do not think that because we people who teach a spiritual, holistic way of living are “saints” or close to be one.

I have no intention of being canonized!

Many yoga traditions will say that it is wrong to consume alcohol and other toxic substances, especially for just a moment of pleasure, because it might remove us from our path of keeping our mind, body, and spirit aligned.

However, my way of living is to live my own experiences and believe that all in this world can be useful for learning and growth. I think that I and some other people can and can consume certain substances without losing themselves. 

I agree with the Tantric philosophy, where it says that it is no good or bad. We can embrace different experiences without judgment or guilt. Everything is related to your state of mind.

“The state that you’re in at any given moment determines your perceptions of reality and thus your decisions and behavior. In other words, your behavior is not the result of your ability, but of the state that you’re in at this moment.” Tony Robbins Tony Robbins: 9 Ways to Persuade Yourself into Peak.

To Katherine from BlueOsa, ” Tantra calls us to live our lives fully instead of closet ourselves away in fear.”

The Crime

To hear someone say that it’s a shame or an embarrassment and even call me a hypocrite because of my post with a champagne bottle shows how little we know and how much we judge.

I find that be judged it’s a massive trigger to me, and I must work on that. I questioned the person who wrote me, “as to why are you saying these things, you do not know me, you begin to follow me two days ago, and have no idea of who I am, and now it’s calling me out, for being sincere about my personal life?”

As a response, I’ve got more insults, and instead of keep going, I just removed that person from my beautiful Instagram feed. 

What I have learned:

  1. People will always find something to judge and criticize, no matter what;
  2. Not expect for someone else to understand my trigger, remove myself from the situation;
  3. Drink, have my CBD products, or psychedelics experiences, are my own experiences, I have to own it, and it made me who I am today;
  4. No one owns you a thing, neither do you own a thing to anyone;
  5. Move on!

I like to share my ups and downs, my experiences, errors, and trials. That is how I inspire and teach others to become their true self and enjoy their lives fully, without fear or guilt. 

The takeaway

However, if you feel that there are patterns in yourself or others that might signify an issue such as alcoholism, do not hesitate to seek professional help. Alcohol and drug abuse are a disease and might create dangerous situations for the user and the ones around him/her.

And if you are the one reading this article and identify yourself as somebody that make use of toxic substances, to avoid conflicts, or as a reward daily after a day at work, or to don’t think or worry about your problems, do not be ashamed of asking for help. All of us go through rough times and sometimes find some “easy routes” to relieve our pain.

Remember that we are all humans, and the only way to fix a problem is by first recognize its existence and deal with it maturely and adequately. 

Namaste, and keep it safe!

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